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Supportive -Independent Housing Program
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Effective Community Outreach Programs for Men & Women

You deserve to have firm control over your own life. Have confidence knowing that help is nearby. At Moore & Moore Management LLC, we coordinate extensive community outreach programs that help clients transition into better, positive lives. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we provide transitional housing to those who need it. Through supportive life counseling and support programs, our organization empowers you to regain your own agency and become an agent of good.

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A Positive Environment for Positive Change

Overcome your obstacles in a caring environment. The Supportive Housing Program is for those who are in need and desire assistance to make healthy life choices. If you are seeking assistance with life challenges such as homelessness, substance abuse, or former incarceration, you may qualify for assistance. Our services are also available to the elderly, as well as patients with psychological issues and HIV/AIDS health concerns. Please contact our team to learn more about our services and request a private consultation today.

Comprehensive Recovery Initiatives

At Moore & Moore Management LLC, we take your recovery seriously. For this reason, our extensive network of social workers, caregivers, and counselors are available to help you get back on your feet. Our life counseling services allow you to identify, confront, and overcome your personal challenges. You never have to face adversity alone. Let us help. Our recovery services include:

Mini Psychological Assessments | Support Group Meetings | Treatment Planning Referrals to Outside Programs | In-House Meetings & Support | Committed & Dedicated Staff | Always-Accessible Help

Building a Better Community

When people work towards a common goal, they gain the means to grow and develop into a caring community. Our supportive housing network includes many different courses, support sessions, and classes that allow individuals to meet. As a result, you and your neighbors are able to cultivate friendships that make it easier to transition into society. We regularly host Special Group Sessions at our various facilities. Subjects include:

Smoking Cessation Classes | HIV/AIDS Education & Counseling | Men & Women Rap Sessions | Relapse Prevention Programs | Fatherhood 101 Programs | Anger Management Courses