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About Moore & Moore Management LLC

Moore & Moore Management LLC is dedicated to providing the necessary tools and services to allow an individual living with a major life challenge to receive resources and experiences that to lead a productive life. Our organization was established to address the housing needs of those having substance abuse, medical needs, and mental health needs in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the surrounding areas.

The organization demonstrates and embodies the belief that all men and women have dignity, value, and worth. The stable supportive and transitional housing programs we provide assist in the development of a society of men and women who are confident, social, and community-oriented.

Rodney Moore - Executive Director

Rodney Moore - Executive Director

Rodney Moore began as an outreach worker with Park West more than 15 years ago. Working closely with the HIV homeless population, he became a certified tester. Mr. Moore has an extensive background working as an outreach clinic coordinator, where he provided medication and housing services to the needy.

Over the years, Mr. Moore has diligently educated staff and management on the necessity of helping HIV patients. As a result, Moore & Moore Management LLC has assumed the role as a leader and educator in the area of HIV education and housing support. His role as President of the Maryland Association for Supportive Housing, Inc. allows him to educate other housing providers who seek to provide supportive housing throughout the State of Maryland and the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Angela Brockmond-Moore - Case Manager & Client Advocate

Angela Brockmond-Moore is the case manager for Moore & Moore Management LLC. She also works for Dayspring Programs™ as a case manager for clients who are in a transitional program. She attended Norfolk State University and graduated from Strayed University with a degree in Business Administration in 2006. Ms. Moore worked in the healthcare field for more than 10 years and holds certifications in testing and counseling for persons who are HIV positive.

Ms. Moore worked in the private financial industry for many years. She is a notary for the State of Maryland. In addition, Ms. Moore is a member of Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church of Baltimore. Along with her family, she coordinates summer youth programs throughout the year.

Angela Brockmond-Moore - Case Manager & Client Advocate

TiVonna Allen

TiVonna Allen

My name is TiVonna Allen. I am a 22-year-old fun-loving singer/songwriter and junior at Coppin State University. My major is computer science, and I have always been interested in music and technology. In my free time, I enjoy singing and writing songs. I am good at fixing cell phones, upgrading fire sticks, and revising power points and resumes, etc. My expertise in these areas has led me to start my own business, "Renee Technologies." I am currently doing an internship at Moore & Moore Management, Beyond Housing Solutions. This internship gives me an opportunity to showcase my technical expertise and learn more to be able to put it on my resume.

Trinae “Trai” Dixon

My Name is Trinae “Trai” Dixon, I am a 30-year-old woman who is enthusiastic and determined to live life without limits. I graduated from Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts where I studied Music and began attending the University of Maryland where I studied Psychology.

When not working as Office Administrator at Beyond Housing Solutions/Moore & Moore Management, I spend my time being a Mother, a Musician, a Quantum Physics nerd, and a Life Coach. My understanding of life, compassion for people, and determination for growth has directed me to assist others in finding their way, opening my own life coaching practice called “IZUN.” Being a part of Beyond Housing Solutions/Moore & Moore Management allows me to express my values in my daily work. Work smart, learn along the way, and regret NOTHING!

Trinae Dixon

Rhonda Dorsey

Rhonda Dorsey

My name is Rhonda Dorsey. I enjoy cleaning, cooking, dancing, decorating, listening to music, going to church, reading, writing, and serving others. I have been a greeter at Emanuel Church International since 2017. I would like to start my own family cleaning business with my sons and sister. I am currently in training at Moore & Moore Management and Beyond Housing Solutions as a Medical Biller and Coder.

Affiliations & Partnerships

Moore & Moore Management LLC is committed to helping individuals find their purpose. For this reason, we have forged many different partnerships with individuals and organizations that are dedicated to supporting the community. We have partnerships with the following:

Park West Health System | Jacques Initiative L.E.A.P. 7 Program | Dr. Toyin Opersami | Dr. Balu | Pharmacare & Caremerica™ | Lab Corp™ Gaudenzia™ Treatment | Health Care for the Homeless | Our Daily Bread™Code Blue Shelter