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Take Charge of Your Life
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Cultivate a Better Life with a Supportive Community

You have the power to change your life. Moore & Moore Management LLC allows you to find your place in society. We host a variety of community outreach programs that teach individuals how to overcome various life challenges, such as medical issues, homelessness, and unemployment. We also host an extensive transitional housing network that helps individuals receive the support and resources they need to attain a stable life.

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Return to a stable life and attend outreach programs
hosted by our supportive housing network.

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About Us

Make a positive change for yourself and those around you. Moore & Moore Management LLC is a transitional housing organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. We help people take control of their own success. HIV patients, the homeless, patients living with mental issues, and those recently released from prison are welcome to take advantage of our outreach and supportive housing programs. Learn, grow, and transition back into society in a nurturing environment. We are your helping hand throughout the entire process.

Established in 2005, Moore & Moore Management LLC has been dedicated to fostering community outreach in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Founded by Rodney Moore, our organization has made a point to give individuals the dignity, respect, and help they deserve in a safe and positive environment. We empower people with helpful seminars and general awareness. As a result, our comprehensive approach to outreach builds stronger individuals and communities.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Moore & Moore Management is to provide the necessary tools & services to allow an individual to develop the skills and experience to lead a productive life.